PPC Management

Proven Strategies for Maximizing your Budget

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is what is commonly known as ‘Paid Search’. This is the process of using the search engines sponsored listings, such as Google AdWords, to generate traffic, leads and sales. Although the sponsored listings appear on the same pages as the “organic” search results, the PPC strategy is very much different than SEO.
We have seen many businesses in all verticals apply incorrect strategies to their paid search, resulting in very few inquiries and very large bills.


Let LeadForce take the guess work out of your campaigns by conducting specialized research and analysis on your targeted keywords, market, and audience to ensure you get the most out of your budget. Successful PPC campaigns require constant attention with A/B testing, landing pages, and budget adjustment, which we understand most busy business owners don’t have time for. We will handle all aspects of your PPC campaign marketing so you can concentrate on the increased demand your business will be seeing from the sales pipeline.


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